ٌRelease of the aid worker Yara Faris

Yara Faris was released on 13 June under the presidential amnesty of 9 June.

Yara Farres








Yara Faris was released on 13 June, under the terms of a presidential amnesty that pardoned individuals charged with certain offences under the Anti-Terrorism Law of 2012, which contains overly broad definitions of terrorism-related acts and has regularly been used by the authorities to repress peaceful activists. The amnesty was announced in Legislative Decree No. 22, issued on 9 June.

Yara Faris had been arrested by officers from Syria’s State Security agency on 8 December 2013 and detained in ‘Adra prison awaiting trial before the Anti-Terrorism Court.  

According to a local contact, she arrived at her home in the Damascus suburb of Sahnaya on the day she was released. Yara Faris is one of the few political detainees known to have benefitted from this amnesty thus far.

She is now recovering from her time in prison, which does not appear to have left her with any lasting health problems.

Her husband, Maher Tahan, was subjected to enforced disappearance on 20 September 2012. His fate and whereabouts remain unknown.

Source: Amnesty International