Syrian pro-reform activist Amal Jamil Nasr arrested on 2 March 2014 and held incommunicado since then

Amal Jamil Nasr

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Amal Jamil Nasr is the head of a coalition of political groups, the Women’s National Coordination Office for Democratic Change. She has also attended many workshops outside Syria on non-violent strategies for conflict prevention and peace-building.

According to a contact in Syria, Amal Jamil Nasr was stopped on 2 March 2014 by plain-clothes security force personnel while driving her car in the capital, Damascus, and taken to a Military Intelligence branch in the city. She is believed to be still held in this Military Intelligence branch, and has not been allowed visits from her family or lawyer. She was last seen at the Military Intelligence branch by a detainee who has since been released.
According to the same contact, her husband Adnan al-Dibs was arrested the same day at their home, by plain-clothes security force personnel who broke down the door and took him to the same Military Intelligence branch. He and his wife were briefly reunited, and he was released without charge after five days.
Amal Jamil Nasr is believed to have been arrested on account of her activism and her husband’s membership of the Syrian Communist Workers Party. Her husband was previously arrested for his membership of both the Syrian Communist Workers Party and the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change, a coalition of political groups and activists that advocates a peaceful transition of power.

Source: Amnesty International