Abd al-Akram al-Sakka

Abd al-Akram al-Sakka
Islamic scholarAbdul Akram Al-Sakka-1
Arrested by the Syrian authorities, on 15 July 2011, in Daraya
His fate and whereabouts remain unknown

Abd al-Akram al-Sakka, an imam from Daraya, a town on the outskirts of Damascus, is an Islamic scholar who published several books and essays on a variety of topics, including feminism. He has a history of participating in awareness raising campaigns and community work framed by a group called Shabab Daraya (Youth of Daraya). As a result, security forces arrested him several times even before antigovernment protests began in March 2011.

On 15 July 2011, Air Force Intelligence arrested Abd al-Akram al-Sakka. His family has received no information about his fate or whereabouts, and official sources have never confirmed his detention. The only indication regarding his possible place of detention was received through a released detainee, who said he had seen Abd al-Akram al-Sakka at a military court in September 2012. This could indicate that he may be held at Sadnaya Prison, where detainees in military court cases are often held.

Source: Human Rights Watch