Anas al-Shoghary

Anas alShoghari1Peaceful protester
Arrested by the Syrian authorities, on 14 May 2011, in al-Marah
His fate and whereabouts remain unknown

Anas al-Shoghary is an economics student at Teshreen University in Latakia. He had been organizing peaceful protests in his hometown, Baniyas, and he gave numerous interviews to the international media.

Military Intelligence agents arrested him on 14 May 2011 in the city of al-Marah in the Tartous Governorate. Since the arrest, the government has not given Anas’ family any information on his whereabouts, despite repeated inquiries by his family. According to former detainees, he was initially held at the Military Intelligence Branch in Tartous; then he was seen at the Military Intelligence Palestine Branch in Damascus.

Political Security agents also detained Anas al-Shoghary’s younger brother Salah on 4 August 2012 for unknown reasons.

Source: Human Rights Watch