Bassel Khartabil, 3 years of detention


March 15 marks the third anniversary of detention of Bassel Khartabil, a Syrian-Palestinian blogger and an open-source software developer from Damascus.

Bassel Khartabil was arrested on 15 March 2012 by Security forces as he left his work in al-Mezzeh, Damascus. He was detained several months in security branches in conditions amounting to enforced disappearance. Then we was moved to Adra prison where he is still detained.

Bassel Khartabil was arrested days before his wedding. His wife, Noura, chose February 14, Valentine’s Day, to make this letter public:

I cannot write a poem on Valentines’ day, I really must see you, I need to steal words from your eyes, I can only think of your eyes now.
And when I really deal with your eyes, I have no words. I cannot think anymore, I am thinking of Syria, ouch Bassel. It hurts, Syria hurts.
Syria whenever I mention its name I cry 
for Syria all the love
I wish we know how to love it, if we loved it we would have never reached where we were…
I think we all love it but we do not know how to love it, 
we are not even learning how to love our Syria
Bassel, I am very afraid, I am afraid about the country that is being slaughtered, divided, bleeding, being destroyed..
Ouch Bassel, I am very afraid that our dream is changing from seeing ourselves being the generation freeing their country to the one witnessing its destruction. Ouch Bassel, I am very afraid …
I want to offer a rose
not red like blood 
not white like the colour we never carried on our wedding day 
I want to offer a blue rose, the colour I wore when we got married, 
in the colour of the skirt I was wearing when you told me you loved me 
Ouch Bassel, we owe this country soooo much 
every moment I am tired
every moment I am weak 
every moment I cry 
I feel selfish and only thinking of me in Syria 
I feel I want to desert it and leave and then I get back and promise my Syria to be strong 
I want to say beautiful 
I want to stay a human being, 
I want to tattoo its name on my hand
Syria is worth it my dear Bassel 
let us try this time for Syria’s sake 
for Palestine’s sake 
the Palestine I live through you 
you are my beautiful other half that i live in you 
you are my lovely Palestinian half 
I miss myself in you 
I miss everything in you 
I miss Syria and Palestine in you