Gabriel Musheh

Peaceful political activist, president of the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO)Gabriel Musheh profil
Arrested by the Syrian authorities, on 19 December 2013, in Qamishli
Detained in Adra prison

Gabriel Musheh is a political opponent and civil society activist. He is the president of the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO), a non-registered political party, a member in the Damascus Declaration and a founding member of the Syrian National Council.

Gabriel Musheh was arrested on 19 December 2013 by state security forces in the city of Qamishli (North of Syria). He was detained incommunicado, as his lawyers and family members were not authorized to visit him in detention.

In 2014, the President of the Criminal Court of Damascus decided to refer his case to the Anti-Terrorism Court claiming that his case does not fall under its jurisdiction, on the grounds that the offense of “forming an unauthorized party” took place in the city of Qamishli.

He is currently detained in Adra prison.

Source: The Euro-Mediterranean network for Human-Rights