Juwan Abd al-Rahman Khaled

Juwan Abd Rahman Khaled

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Peaceful political activist
Arrested by the Syrian authorities, on 3 September 2013, in Damascus
His fate and whereabouts remain unknown

Juwan Abd Rahman Khaled is a member of the Union of Young Kurds in Syria, a group of Kurdish activists. Security forces arrested him on 3 September 2012, along with a group of others when they carried out a raid in his neighbourhood in Wadi al-Mashari’a, north-west of Damascus. During his arrest, no information was given about where he would be taken or what the reasons for his arrest are. A released detainee claims that he saw Juwan Abd Rahman Khaled at a State Security branch; he appears to have remained detained in conditions amounting to enforced disappearance since then.

Source: Amnesty International