Khairo al-Dabbas

Peaceful activistKhairo al Dabass
Arrested by the Syrian authorities, on 2 July 2011, in Daraya
Detained in Adra prison

Khairo al-Dabbas is the father of Islam al-Dabbas, a member of a group called Shabab Daraya (Youth of Daraya), a town on the outskirts of Damascus. Operating since 1989, the group has organized a variety of activities, such as awareness-raising campaigns to fight bribery and littering and a silent march against the US-led invasion of Iraq in May 2003.

On 2 July 2011, men believed by a witness to be members of Air Force Intelligence arrested Khairo al-Dabbas, from a friend’s home, informing the latter that he would be released when his son handed himself over to the authorities and signed a pledge to refrain from participating in demonstrations. Close to three weeks later, on 22 July, Islam al-Dabbas was arrested while participating in a protest.

Khairo al-Dabbas was detained incommunicado for several months and then convicted of “participating in and inciting protests” by the judge of the Anti-Terrorism Court and sentenced to 15 years in prison, which he started serving in the `Adra prison in January 2013. During his trial the judge did not examine the evidence presented, no witnesses were called, and his lawyer was not allowed to present a defense.

Source: Human Rights Watch