Mohamed abd al-Jalil al-Qasim

Radio Reportermohamed al-Qassim profile
Killed by unidentified gunmen on 10 September 2014

Radio reporter Mohamed Abd al-Jalil al-Qasim, 25, was killed on 10 September 2014 while returning from covering a meeting of the commanders of various rebel groups in the northern city of Idlib. Unidentified gunmen fired on the car in which he was travelling with his cousin, Hossein Ali, the commander of a rebel brigade. Both died instantly.

In the past two years, Qasim had worked for the opposition TV station Alan TV, Al-Jazeera’s website and other foreign media. In recent months, he had been the northern Syria correspondent of Radio Rozana, a Syrian radio station linked to exile networks.

Qasim was also a concerned activist involved with civil society groups in the Idlib region. He studied English literature at Damascus University for four years but had to flee the capital in 2012 when the government intelligence services went after him.

Source: Reporters Without Borders