Mohammed Abdelmawla al-Hariri

avatar_male01Citizen journalist
Arrested by the Syrian authorities, on 16 April 2012, in Deraa
Detained in Deraa prison

Since the begining of the uprising in Syria, journalists have been directly targeted as a result of their activity. News coverage has then relied heavily on citizen journalists who have been working to document the violence of the conflict. Mohammed Abdelmawla al-Hariri is a citizen journalist who used to give regular interviews to the television station al-Jazeera about the situation in his hometown of Deraa in southern Syria. On 16 April 2012, shortly after giving an interview to al-Jazeera, he was arrested at his home and taken to an unknown place. On 18 May 2012 he was sentenced to death for “high treason and contacts with foreign parties”. He is detained in Deraa prison.

Source: Reporters Without Borders