Nabil Shurbaji

Peaceful political activistNabil Shorbaji
Arrested by the Syrian authorities, on 26 February 2012, in Daraya
Detained in Sadnaya prison

Nabil Shurbaji is a journalist, a blogger and a member of a group called Shabab Daraya (Youth of Daraya), a town on the outskirts of Damascus. Operating since 1989, the group has organized a variety of activities, such as awareness-raising campaigns to fight bribery and littering and a silent march against the US-led invasion of Iraq in May 2003.

As a journalist, Nabil wrote about the need to fight corruption and encourage free speech, and he invited people to share ideas through discussion.

A family member said that Nabil Shurbaji had been protesting the detention of activists in front of the Interior Ministry in Damascus when security officials arrested him for the first time on  16 March 2011. They released him 17 days later. Soon after the arrest of three of his family members – Mazen Shurbaji, arrested on 15 August 2011, Yahya Shurbaji and Mohamed (Ma’an) Shurbaji, arrested on 6 September 2011- Nabil Shurbaji had gone into hiding.

He was arrested again on 26 February 2012, at an Air Force Intelligence checkpoint in the neighborhood of Al-Thawra in Daraya as he was driving to a friend’s house. Two of Nabil’s friends who were with him that day informed his family of his arrest.
Former detainees told Nabil’s family that they had seen him in the Air Force Intelligence detention facility in Mezze and that officials moved him on February 2013 to Adra. A family member told Human Rights Watch on February 17 that he was transferred to Sednaya prison after appearing before a judge at the Military Court in Qaboun in December. Security forces at Sednaya prison denied the family’s request in December to visit Nabil Shurbaji there.

Source: Human Rights Watch