Salma Jamal Abd al-Razak

salma 3 sitePeaceful activist
Arrested by the Syrian authorities, on 30 December 2012, in Damascus, Yarmouk Camp
Her fate and whereabouts remain unknown

Salma Jamal Abd al-Razak is a Palestinian born in Syria on 30 March 1990 in Damascus – Yarmouk camp. She is a university student at the School of Architecture at the University of Damascus and also a poet who presented several poetry evenings.

Salma participated in various student movements and many sit-ins organized at the University of Damascus, under the slogan “Let’s Build a Homeland for All Syrians.”

On 30 December 2012, Salma was prevented from entering Yarmouk camp to check on the health of her brother after she heard the news of his recent wounding by military shellings.  While trying to enter by force, Salma was arrested at the checkpoint of Bashir Mosque at the entrance of the camp. She was then thrown with another young man in a security car and then taken to an unknown location.

Her fate and whereabouts remain unknown although her family made requests in August 2013 to the National Reconciliation Commission and in November 2013 to the Palace of Justice, to identify her place of detention.

Source: The Euro-Mediterranean network for Human-Rights