Three human rights defenders still missing

Mazen Darwish, Hussein Ghrer and Hani al-Zaitani: verdict hearing postponed to 22 July 2015


On 1 June 2015, prison authorities failed to present Mazen Darwish, Hussein Ghrer and Hani al-Zaitani before the Damascus Anti-Terrorism court for a verdict hearing scheduled for that day. The trial, which has already been rescheduled 24 times since February 2013, was therefore suspended until 22 July 2015.

Messrs. Mazen Darwish, Hani Al-Zaitani and Hussain Ghrer, respectively President and members of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM), who are arbitrarily detained since February 2012, for promoting freedom of expression and monitoring gross human rights violations committed in the country have been unaccounted for since May 3, 2015.

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Concern for the enforced disappearance of three human rights defenders