Student volunteer missing since arrest

Student Salaheddin al-Tabbaa, who does voluntary work for the Red Crescent, has been subjected to enforced disappearance by the Syrian authorities. He was arrested, on 5 September 2014, at the Syrian-Lebanese border. He is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment.

Salahuddin Al Tabbae

Salaheddin al-Tabbaa was on his way to Lebanon from his home in the Syrian capital, Damascus, when he was stopped on the Syrian side of the border crossing. A relative who lives outside Syria told Amnesty International that the border officials told Salaheddin al-Tabbaa that there was a warrant for his arrest from Military Intelligence Branch 227.

He was transferred to the Military Intelligence Branch the following day and has not been heard from since then. Torture and other ill-treatment are rife in facilities run by this and other security and intelligence agencies in Syria.

His family have sought clarification on where he is and why he was arrested from Military Intelligence, other security forces and judicial authorities, but have received no information to date. Salaheddin al-Tabba is studying to be a dental technician and has been providing assistance to people in need as a volunteer with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. According to his relative, he is not known to be a political activist.

Source: Amnesty International