Three new cases featured on Free Syria’s silenced voices

Shiar Khalil

Shiar Khalil 230 200

Shiar Khalil is a journalist. He was arrested by air force intelligence along with several friends, in Sarouja on 23 April 2013. He was taken to the “Palestine” section for interrogation and then transferred to Adra prison. Tried before a terrorism court in Damascus on 16 July 2013, he was to have been released on bail of 350,000 Syrian pounds (2,200 dollars) but he continues to be detained.

Abdulkader Haddad

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Abdulkader Haddad, who is also known as Abbud Haddad, is a news provider. He was arrested by ISIS in the Idlib region as he was travelling to Turkey on 26 June 2013. His family has received no news of him since his abduction.

Thelal Ibrahim al-Salhanee

Thelal Ibrahim al-Salhanee is a peaceful activist. She was involved in the peaceful movement in the city of Aleppo and its university, where she contributed to relief work for helping displaced civilians and supporting them with food and medical aid. She was arrested by air force intelligence on 28 July 2012, at al-Furqan neighborhood in Aleppo. She remained incommunicado until 19 February 2014 where sources said that she was detained in Adra Prison.